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A Place Of Support And Solutions

Whether your goal is to become a better father, cultivate a deeper relationship with your partner, build a thriving business, or just become a better man, we understand that success depends on taking action and breaking old patterns.

We also know that the unique challenges men face in today's world are best confronted together.

The Alliance trains and supports men in the art of self-leadership. We do this by focusing on...

You Have A Powerful Growth Opportunity Right Here.

The long wolf era of personal development is over. No more hiding. 

Participation in the group is necessary.
Participation for success is mandatory.
To be fulfilled participation is a requirement.

It’s time to show the f*ck up for your life.

With your Alliance membership you'll get instant access to:


Weekly Coaching Calls

Once a week Connor dives into different challenges or struggles the men in the group are facing and tackles how to deal with them. Don't worry if you're not able to make the calls the replay will be available. 


Monthly Training Challenges

Designed to level up what you're capable of, from finances to your relationship.



Such as reading assignments and worksheets to lock in progress.


Expert Guests

in all fields. Hear from psychologists, fitness experts, spiritual teachers, and more.


Member-Led Groups

Your small group of brothers in The Alliance that you'll meet with consistently to help hold each other accountable, share what's going on in your lives, and reinforce each other's personal growth.


Forum For Real Conversations

A private network where you can discuss an array of topics centered around the real shit going on in your life.

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What You Can Expect On A Live Call


The Real Results, Trusted By Hundreds.

Shawn M.

"The Alliance has reconnected me to men in a way that I never really had. It has allowed me to see what a man-to-man relationship can be without all the booze and football. I've learned how to talk to other men in about the problems I face, and learned that I'm not alone in this place to figure it all out in solitude. My shoulders can only bear so much weight, so with help and community I know I am capable of reaching the things I desire. My life, mindset, and attitude has changed in a way I always wanted but never knew how. It has helped me see my potential and keep me on track to achieve my goals."

Graham J.

"I’ve been doing self-work for 21 years. Been through a lot of tough shit. And this group has exceeded my expectations. It’s a movement whose time is now. A celebration of the healthy man. If you want to level up, step up and challenge yourself to grow into who you can truly be: present, grounded, aware and powerful. Then get to the edge of yourself and jump in. Thanks Connor Beaton!"


"Being a part of The Alliance is by far one of the best decisions I made in 2020. I now have profound awareness of what healthy accountability, boundaries, masculinity, and what overall embracing life looks like now because of this community. Every time I meet with my team I always feel refreshed... guaranteed every time. Thank you for building this community."


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Frequently Asked Questions

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After joining, you can expect:

8 Weeks of Online Training

The program takes you along a journey of understanding your shadow, identifying how it was shaped by your past, and how it shows up in your current life. You’ll learn how to confront and navigate it so you can begin to take back your power and become your own leader.

A Training Platform You Can Return To

Once you enroll, you’ll receive an email to create your profile where you can instantly access the first module in your private members area. Content will be unlocked as you progress through the program. This gives you the time and space you need to fully integrate the tools and practices you learn each week.

Weekly Exercises and Journaling

In each of the 8 modules, you’ll receive worksheets and practices to integrate the tools and lessons on your own. You can revisit this program at anytime; you have lifetime access to all content.

P.S. We offer a 20-day Money Back Guarantee. We want you to get the most out of the course and understand sometimes the time just isn't right. If you have any questions before you start, check the FAQs below or contact support.

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